Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cloth Diapering

OK so i said i would be writing about cloth diapering, well it started becasue aleya would go potty and had to be changed right then so when she was awake she woudl have to be changed about every 20 min and that was getting very expensive, so i looked into clot, the inital price is expensive but worth it.

becasuse now when she wantes to be changed no more thowing money in the trash. all i do is flush the solids and rinse the liner and then in the washerit goes and i wash then at night then out them int he dryer int he morings. and i use pocket diapers/AI2 on size diapers i like happy heiny's the best but i sttred with an off bran off ebay which owrk just fne as well.

i also went to nashville for the day on saturday and joe kept aleya all day which was a goo day and he did  great job i missed her but after finding out i have post partum depression it was a much neded get away.

We had aleya's 2 month pictures done and ill be possting them as soon as i get them..

anymore questions abou diapers or ppd just ask me

have blessd day

Friday, April 27, 2012

Short and sweet

I have not posted in a while been busy wih my wonderful daughter but her is a short summary of what's happened and I'll do a long post sometime in the next few days, aleya is now 2 months old I got a new car fixing to start clog diapering now that I figured it out I'll be leaving joe all alone with aleya tommorow to go to Nashville so that is a few things to look forward to readi g about soon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aleya's First Easter

ok so i said i would post about easter,

Sunday morning we got up andgot ready to go to church, i knew she would get hungry bout 9am but she did not i was leaving for church at 9:45am and its an hour drive to church. well9:30 camearounf and she was hngry so i said well maybe i can give her 3oz to her until we get to church he only drank 2 of the 3 i got lucky. so i got her dressed and got our changes o clothes and off we went.

We met joe's mom who went and joined us at our churh fo easter (this made me really happy)
oce we got to church of course everbody had to see her and say how pretty she was. church starts with the handbell choir now aleya loves music but hated the handbells she sarted to cry and i feel terrible when she cries in church(normally because she ishungry) then sh statred to cry becaus she was hungry but every time we snag a hymn she had to stop drinking because she loves music and hearing me sing that much.

After church we went to my cousin's house and whole family onmy dads side got to meet hr 9 my grandmother grandfather and aunt had alreadyseen her in the hospital but in 2 months she had changed alot for my aunt and my gm and gp only see her 1ce a week)
well she wa fussy almost the entire time because there was so much going on that she did not want to nap she wanted to know wat was happening and being passed around between the woman just stressed herout. so we left arounf 4 and she slept frm t emoment we got int he car the whole way ome and the  3 more hours. ten slept all night minus one feeding at 2:15

Needless to say we had a really good easter just wished joe could have bee off work

now a few pictures

Monday, April 9, 2012


Just an FYI when I can get on the laptop tomorrow I'm going to be posting about my easter

Friday, April 6, 2012

What wa suppose to be big news

Well what was suppose I e big news just turned into a big mess up on my part, I was suppose to take my written test for my cosmetology state board test on Wednesday, so I go to the testing site mom has aleya no big deal so I walk up to the door the sign reads:

"Only open on Tuesday's and Thursday and some Saturday's" ( its Wednesday)
So then thee is another sign "if you show up for a test and nobody is here please call (and it gives a number)"

So I call only to find out my test was Tuesday at 11:30 not Wednesday at 11:00. I missed my test I was so mad at myself because I wrote down as she was telling me my date last week April 3 at 11:30 but when I got off the phone I was saying wednesday April 4 at 11:00. So now I have to send state board a letter satin I missed it with another $50 then they will send me something back in the mail for me to reschedule so I'm looking at another 2 weeks, I was so mad

Monday, April 2, 2012

End of spring break!

Wednesday joe came home!!!!! Well more like 1:30 Thursday morning. But during the day wed my mom came to visit with my sister aleya and me and we went shopping and Xander spent the day with joes mom. Then how was off Thursday an he and Xander did yard work and played basketball. Friday Xander and I did absoulutly nothing. Then Saturday joe was off again and he spent the day with aleya and Xander so I had a nice relaxing day. Church on Sunday of course and the usual day in Huntsville then took Xander back to his moms, for once joe was home when I got back from taking Xander. So now I'm laying in bed with a baby who is wide awake!! My 6 week post pregnancy appt is today! Wednesday I have something big happening but I'm going to wait until after it happens to tell y'all about it. More to come have a blessed day