Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cloth Diapering

OK so i said i would be writing about cloth diapering, well it started becasue aleya would go potty and had to be changed right then so when she was awake she woudl have to be changed about every 20 min and that was getting very expensive, so i looked into clot, the inital price is expensive but worth it.

becasuse now when she wantes to be changed no more thowing money in the trash. all i do is flush the solids and rinse the liner and then in the washerit goes and i wash then at night then out them int he dryer int he morings. and i use pocket diapers/AI2 on size diapers i like happy heiny's the best but i sttred with an off bran off ebay which owrk just fne as well.

i also went to nashville for the day on saturday and joe kept aleya all day which was a goo day and he did  great job i missed her but after finding out i have post partum depression it was a much neded get away.

We had aleya's 2 month pictures done and ill be possting them as soon as i get them..

anymore questions abou diapers or ppd just ask me

have blessd day


  1. How did you learn about the PPD? I think I'm pretty scared of that

  2. just ways i was acting i would cry at everything and i woudl get MAD at joe for going to work instead of being with me, somedays i did not want to getout of bed and sometimes shse woudld cry to eat and i would not want to get up to feed her,i did but did not want to, i never harmed her in anywasy but ht e thought of wishing i did nto have her came across my mind and the thought that having her was a mistake came across my mind and the day that happend i was scared and immediatly realized what was happening and i called my dr the next available day for me to call and go see him, he did not even question anything and put me on med, he said it could take up to 7 days to make me start feeling better and up to 4 months to really notice a change but im doing better now still on med of course and loving my beautiful baby girl