Monday, April 2, 2012

End of spring break!

Wednesday joe came home!!!!! Well more like 1:30 Thursday morning. But during the day wed my mom came to visit with my sister aleya and me and we went shopping and Xander spent the day with joes mom. Then how was off Thursday an he and Xander did yard work and played basketball. Friday Xander and I did absoulutly nothing. Then Saturday joe was off again and he spent the day with aleya and Xander so I had a nice relaxing day. Church on Sunday of course and the usual day in Huntsville then took Xander back to his moms, for once joe was home when I got back from taking Xander. So now I'm laying in bed with a baby who is wide awake!! My 6 week post pregnancy appt is today! Wednesday I have something big happening but I'm going to wait until after it happens to tell y'all about it. More to come have a blessed day

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