Friday, April 6, 2012

What wa suppose to be big news

Well what was suppose I e big news just turned into a big mess up on my part, I was suppose to take my written test for my cosmetology state board test on Wednesday, so I go to the testing site mom has aleya no big deal so I walk up to the door the sign reads:

"Only open on Tuesday's and Thursday and some Saturday's" ( its Wednesday)
So then thee is another sign "if you show up for a test and nobody is here please call (and it gives a number)"

So I call only to find out my test was Tuesday at 11:30 not Wednesday at 11:00. I missed my test I was so mad at myself because I wrote down as she was telling me my date last week April 3 at 11:30 but when I got off the phone I was saying wednesday April 4 at 11:00. So now I have to send state board a letter satin I missed it with another $50 then they will send me something back in the mail for me to reschedule so I'm looking at another 2 weeks, I was so mad

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