Friday, March 23, 2012

Being a mom of a 1 month old

Well joe has gone to work ( he leaves between 5 &6 am) so its just me and miss Priss all day, but because I don't work i let hubby sleep through the night so I'm up and down through the night then up all day with feedings and diaper changes and just cuddling with my sweet daughter,

We laying in bed until about 11:00am then it's bath time and lunch time then she takes a nap in her swing then time to eat again and diaper change and just a repeat process.

I was so happy when she would sleep in her cradle because trying to sleep all night with a baby asleep onuour chest is not easy ( the only way she would sleep) well more later today or maybe tomorrow joe is off tomorrow and we have my stepson ( he is 10) Xander for spring break starting tomorrow as well we will see

God bless everybody

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  1. So glad things are going well...that's wonderful